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„I have moved to live in Varna and my dogs are left in the villa. Just unchain them, or they will starve to death”.

These are Bucky and Murgash, when we went to take them, after receiving this note.

Bucky is 8 years old. He has heartworm. He used to guard the villa. He used to eat every weekend and go for walks every time he manages to tore the chain. 3-4 times for these 8 years.

He used to be great guardian dog. Guarded the villa. When the thieves came, he started barking. In vain, because no one heard him. But the thieves wanted him to shut up. Started beating him with a metal pipe. He was chained. Couldn’t escape nor protect himself.

The weekend came, along came the owner. He saw the bleeding dog and the robbed house and solved the problem. Solved it by taking Murgash and chaining him to another tree.

So, Mury became the guardian dog, because Bucky was afraid of strangers. Years passed.

Bucky and Mury used to live in the villa. They used to eat every weekend. They used to go for walks every time they managed to tore the chain.
Until one day their owner left and forgot them.

This is the story of Bucky and Mury. But it can also be the story of all these dogs, tied and left somewhere to “guard”.
Unloved. Forgotten. Alone.

Bucky and Mury are no longer alone and forgotten. They are now in “The Farm”.
Thank you for not forgetting us! Your donations are the only way dogs like Bucky and Mury get a second chance!

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