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Dear friends,

the organizer of the procession, Mrs Karatzaneva has accused us of “stealing her event” by inviting you with the text below. We have quoted her video, her Facebook page, but haven’t quoted her name. We have appologised, but the Mrs is certain we want to “steal her initiative”…

Therefore we will not take a part of the procession as an organization.The dogs of Bogrov will surely enjoy us staying there.


* * *

Dear friends, April 04 is the World Stray Animals Day.

Join us next SUNDAY APRIL 03 on a procession in Sofia. See more about the event on Facebook.


11.30 Gathering at the National Palace of Culture, pilonite
12.30 Start of the procession forth to the Parliament
14.00 End of the event

Envite all your friends and print-out some posters. Don’t forget to wear your Animal Rescue Sofia t-shirts :)! ‘

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