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This sad story has a happy ending. Read all about this dog family’s destiny:
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Meet Rio and Reya – two cute puppies both fighting for their lives. They are the children of the female dog our volunteer Raya told you about last week.


This is the second part of the story, told by Maya, the lady who now cares for the two babies she took over from the young man who sold them from the pavement:

“We accidentally witnessed this heartbreaking sight – a young boy beating his dog in front of hundreds of passers-by, while the puppies were helpless and exhausted, lying on the hot pavement… I would not go into details, but after an extremely inadequate intervention by the local police and with a lot of effort we succeeded in taking two of the puppies, while the mother and the third, ill sibling were returned to their so-called “owner”…

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On the first medical examination with a vet, nothing worrying was found; the puppies were dewormed and placed in a foster home.  The very next day however, the problems started – the boy Rio started vomiting huge amounts of worms and was very low-spirited, he did not have any appetite. We didn’t have time to waste, so we took them to the Central Vet Clinic immediately, where Dr. Vasilev assisted us. Rio had to be immediately hospitalized. We started serums and immune stimulation medicines, antibiotics, infusions. A few hours later, the condition of the boy became even worse. The tests were positive for Parvovirus…

His sister Reya was feeling much better, but having in mind how contagious this virus is, we placed her in a clinic as well and started her therapy. She is currently stable, but it is still too early to say that she is out of risk.

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Rio’s condition is critical – all life indicators are very low, he has serious anemia and blood transfusion was needed today. We need financial assistance, they have piled huge bills. We have a lot of animals in clinics and hotels, so we ask for help. If we don’t start paying up, the treatment would have to be discontinued.

For Rio you can donate on the spot at the Central Vet Clinic (his number is 20001) or on their bank BIC BUIBBGSF; IBAN: BG45 BUIB 9888 1007 4299 01 (please state “for the treatment of Rio”)

For Reya you can donate on the spot at the Blue cross clinic, or the following bank account

BG84BPBI79401066684101 BPBIBGSF Maya Angelova Todorova, Post Bank; paypal:

Thank you all for your help!”

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