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pred mola mama pirotska reya healthy

Those of you that haven’t followed the story from the beginning can read all about it so far Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. And for those who’ve been wondering what happened next, here is part 4, a final episode of the story about a mother and 3 pups, that were not in good hands.

We are very happy to announce that Ayra has been found, thanks to all of you who were touched by her story and decided to share it.

For safety reasons, we would not mention names or publish photos of people. We will only shortly say that apparently used to public transportation, sweet Ayra went off a bus on her station Happyness and jumped straight into the kindest possible hands.

Ayra is adopted in a wonderful home.

IMG_7153 (1) IMG_7155

She would never again be alone; she would never again be confused, hungry and sleeping under benches. Ayra now lives in an apartment with a person who loves her very much and takes care of her wonderfully. She also loves him already, and trustfully lays her head on his hand.

On Saturday we neutered Ayra and examined her. She has an ear infection which is being cured, skin problem, for which the doctors took care, so the only thing left is to be fed regularly. From now on, this endlessly gentle girl, would lead the calm and secure life she deserves.


And most importantly, there will be no more suffering puppies to be born and sold for profit…

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