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Wine Valentine

The fabulous Wine party has passed. 189 wonderful game players collected a total of 1780E for the dogs of Bogrov!!!

It was really amazing – we think it was by far the best party we’ve ever had. Thank you all so much for comming!!!

Special thanks to:

  • The volunteers who helped us with the organization;
  • Tzvety Evtimova who made lovely Valentine cards;
  • Vanya Andreeva from Plovdiv (see her wonderful work on Etsy HERE) who made us the most wonderful pins and keychains;
  • Mihaela Vlaseva, winner of out T-shirt contest – not only for her lovely design, but also for the great dog bandanas she made with our logo;
  • and most of all to ROSE VALLEY WINERY who donated 100 litres brilliant wine once again for the comfort and joy of our party!

See all photos in the GALLERY

See more photos from Nadezhda Stamenova HERE

Thank you!!! Can’t wait to see you again!!!

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