Our Protocols

The Farm is a means to a noble cause and it is ran through love for the animals, but it is also a big and serious initiative. A legal, fully licensed shelter for 200 homeless dogs, complying with every EU and Bulgarian law. We are under permanent control of the authorities. However hard the rules are – we work by them and have a strict internal order, aiming to protect the lives and health of the little monkeys in our care.

Our protocols:

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Internal regulations of the Farm shelter

Protocol for admitting new animals to the Farm shelter

Regulation of the use of veterinary medication at the Franziska clinic

The protocols we work by were created by us and our veterinary team, based on long years of experience and contacts with organizations like ours abroad. We are proud of our rules, they are the only way to keep our rescue center free of epidemics and continuously work helping a maximum number of dogs.


Sorry, available in Bulgarian only…

Animal Protection Act

Veterinary Medicine Act

– Regulation 41 – shelter management

– Regulation 49 – transportation of animals


Last Edit:03 September 2017 | Published:08 April 2017