Volunteer work

If you want to work with dogs – you will not find a better place. No matter how qualified you are – we can always use your help.

The Farm accepts volunteers every day. There is all sorts of work – cleaning, walking, bathing, tidying, brushing, socializing, household chores… If you like dogs and aren’t afraid to get dirty you can make your childhood dream come true in the shelter.

When you come to work with us or walk the dogs, don’t forget to bring:

  • Suitable shoes and clothes for the season, and clothing to change after work;
  • Water and something to eat if you’re coming for the whole day;
  • A bag of cut sausages/ treats (will make you popular with the dogs);
  • A smile and a good mood (will make you popular with us).

Besides the work in the shelter, we also need professional help for leaflets, logistics, design, printing – we really cannot manage without you, we’re not good at this stuff. We need active and resourceful people to help us organize:

  • Small fundraisers, charity events and bazaars, “Donations not flowers” at events etc.
  • Spreading the word about our cause. Media contacts, leaflet distribution, volunteer engagement etc.

Everything you see in the shelter has been made possible by the good will, work and efforts of someone like you. Whether you work in a warehouse, landscaping, reconstructions, advertising, as long as you are willing to help – we promise, there is loads to do, just contact us.

Volunteer vets

Every day tens of animals pass through the Franziska clinic for treatments and neutering. The work is intensive and we are constantly short-handed, every working day of our vets and keepers is backbreaking. If you are a young veterinary doctor, student, nurse or technician you can dive deep into our work and come help them out.

Our vets are dedicated professionals and will greet you with kindness and respect. The work involves all of the veterinary access, it would be great if you have some experience, but if you don’t – you will quickly gain it.

We are happy to welcome volunteers from Bulgaria and abroad (we speak English). Thanks to Hanno Berger and Stichting Dierennood we work with young veterinary students from the Universities in Gent and Utrecht.


For the volunteers who come from abroad we can organize accommodation in a guest house not far from the shelter, at the Dolni Bogrov village. The place is clean and has been renovated. It has a kitchen, washing machine, Wi-Fi and a grocery store nearby.

We can also help with coming and going to the Sofia airport.

Last Edit:03 September 2017 | Published:08 April 2017