Adoptions abroad

Every month we manage to find homes abroad for 30 to 60 homeless angels. We are very grateful to our colleagues in Germany, Austria and Holland, who have helped us sustain this “life line” for years now.

If it weren’t their hard work in finding good homes for the dogs form Sofia, we wouldn’t be able to help so many animals. Unfortunately the abandoned dogs are many more than the people willing to adopt and the shelter can only take in as many new dogs as have been adopted.

Adoptions abroad are always carried through established organizations and activists we have known for years. Our colleagues rehome the dogs with high criteria, adoption contracts and life-long follow-up. We do not send dogs directly to people, as we would not be able to do a follow-up on the adoption.

The documents, logistics and means for the transportation are really difficult to organize, but they do provide homes for souls that wouldn’t have them anywhere else.

Our babies travel to our colleagues with a licensed and fully equipped transport van. Each transport is registered through the European transport system TRACES, the drivers are trained members of our team.

The journey is long, but we try to make it as easy for the dogs as possible. We do everything we can to have at least two transports a month, but unfortunately – although this is the cheapest transport option – we’re often lacking the funds needed.

We dream of the day there will be no need to send our dogs on a thousand-kilometre journey and they would all be adopted here. We work for that day month after month and year after year.

Just to note: we do not offer transport services. Our bus isn’t registered for a commercial use, and we always try to organize the journeys so that they are full.

To get an idea what happens to the dogs we send abroad, have a look at this video – puppies from the Farm just arrived at their foster’s home in the Netherlands:

At the fosters – learning to be pets:

First steps in the world of people – traveling with their foster on the train, for socializing:

Last Edit:14 September 2017 | Published:08 April 2017