We provide shelter to injured and ill, abandoned and lost dogs, whole litters of abandoned puppies… The shelter works at full capacity at any given moment.

We do all in our power to rescue a maximum number of animals, restricted by the capacity of the building and admittance rules. This is the only way to guarantee the health and lives of the 200 animals who are already with us. Please have in mind that we get more distress calls than we could possibly handle.

Puppies from the street


The Farm has a limited capacity for unvaccinated puppies. To be able to take on a puppy or litter there needs to be:

  • Space available in our quarantine;
  • Or your engagement to provide a foster home for the puppies, until they are vaccinated and ready to come in.

The time limit is usually about 1 month, two weeks between vaccinations and some days to figure out space for them in the kennels.

Most of the puppies in the shelter have been raised like this before getting here – in people’s apartments, houses, yards, in hotels, with relatives all over the city. At first it sound impossible to everyone, but in the end there is no grater happiness than to see them off to a great new life.

Ill and injured animals

The Franziska clinic works with outside patients every working day between 08 a.m. and 4 p.m. We look after tens of ill dogs and cats every week, but if the case is not too urgent, do contact us to make an appointment, as space and resources are scarce.

Please, also note that we don’t have an x-ray or an orthopedic surgeon on staff, and for the dogs that have been hit by cars and have broken bones, we would need your assistance, at least for the x-rays and diagnosis at first. Unfortunately we do not have a catching team and urgent transportation – we rely on you for the transportation of animals.


The conditions of the shelter do not allow us to take adequate care of puppies under 21 days of age, as their survival requires staff we don’t have. In the cases when we do have newborns, please note this is a personal decision of a staff-member who has taken on the 24/7 mommy routine for the specific baby/litter on their own account.

A group of volunteers are doing all they can to support people looking after newborns. Contact them for advice at this link.  Detailed information on raising a newborn can be found here.


The Farm shelter is for dogs. We do not have the environment to look after cats long-term. They come in for treatments and neutering to the clinic, but cannot stay here long, as it is damaging to their overall health and mentality.

The cats that come in for treatments are then returned to the street or the people who brought them. In the rare cases when that cannot be done – they spend months in crates in the hallway, as we do not have enough foster homes for them. Our own homes are filled with cats from the shelter and so far we haven’t come up with a solution to this problem.

Unfortunately almost no one looks to adopt a cat from us and we have very limited possibilities to send cats for rehoming abroad. There are many NGO’s in Sofia dealing primarily with cats, we hope you can find help with them.

Last Edit:03 September 2017 | Published:08 April 2017