The Farm shelter

The Farm has been working for the dogs since January 2014. We bought it as an old dairy farm with the amazing help of tens of thousands of people and after years of re-making it have turned it into a place where we can really care for the dogs without a home.

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The Farm: as we bought it in 2013 and as it is today

We may look like a big organization from the side, but we are a small team of people who are doing their best to work professionally and with all their hearts. Each of the dogs in our shelter is our friend – with a name and a story. One by one we have already helped thousands replace the suffering in the streets with a life in a happy home – both in Bulgaria and abroad.

The shelter functions as a rescue and adoption center. Dog by dog, thousands have already found their loving homes in Bulgaria and abroad. Every animal leaves the shelter vaccinated and de-wormed, with a microchip, EU pet passport and neutered.

We take care of 200 animals at any time – treating, curing, looking for homes, providing every needed support so each and every one of our poor homeless dogs becomes a healthy and happy pet. The shelter always functions at full capacity – we admit a new friend in trouble the minute we have a space freed.


The shelter also hosts our Franziska veterinary clinic. Our doctors take care of tens of injured and ill animals every day, many of the shelter dogs come in through the clinic.

We treat all sorts of injuries – mostly inflicted by people and vehicles, dogs with skin illnesses, chronic and infectious patients. At the surgical bloc our vets neuter homeless and owned animals, and do most other surgeries.

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We built the Farm with love for the dogs and to every requirement of the law. The shelter building consists of 46 cages, each one with a small room and a yard. We built 6 large walking yards and are doing everything that we can to provide the best life for the 200 dogs with what the donors are able to spare for them.

Our aim is to create and professionally manage a truly humane NGO shelter, managed only by people who love dogs and put their interest first. Every day is a battle and everything we managed to achieve is the result of immense efforts, but we work hard and with all our hearts, because we really love dogs.

Everything that happens at the Farm – from the single vaccine shot to the brick in the wall is made possible by thousands of people who have supported us financially or with volunteer work. The organization was born spontaneously in a dog forum in 2009 and since then we have come a very long way, with the help of thousands of caring people. There are no words to thank you for your support, dear friends.


The shelter is open to volunteers, visitors and adoption candidates every day. Each Saturday the Senior Volunteers organize walks for the people who want to make the dogs happy and give them a walk and much needed attention.

You are always welcome, you will always find us here – the dogs and the Animal Rescue Sofia team are expecting you!

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Before The Farm, Animal Rescue Sofia managed the Municipal shelter of Bogrov (with 500 dogs), which is now closed.
Today the Municipality has another shelter called Bogrov (for 1500 dogs), which is not far from where we are.

Last Edit:26 March 2021 | Published:08 April 2017