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Dear good-hearted people,
My name is Aria, and next to me is my sister Callie. We are the so-called cardboard box puppies. Back in time, we used to have a home, a family and a mommy, but not anymore. Now, we are like needles in a haystack in Bogrov shelter. We are part of over 500 animals, who expect their person. We thought we were born with luck…

Not long ago – a random day in September last year – our mommy gave us life. We were many, but only the two of us survived. We lived in a warm place and used to snuggle with mom all day long. She was a dog of breed, but we were born of no breed, because they met accidentally with our daddy, one day in the park. Our owner didn’t like us. He was yelling at our step mom, who liked us very much and spoiled us, but we often heard them arguing, that they’re not able to look after us, that we’re nature’s mistake, and that they would abandon us soon. We weren’t sure what this means, we were used to tenderness and regular feeding. We thought we were loved and our step mother would outweigh the owner… however we were wrong…

This is how, one day destiny reached us, and we became useless regular dogs… The owner came, put us in a box covered with croissant stickers and took us out. I remember I heard mommy barking, and step mother crying and I felt something unknown. A feeling that made my whole body frozen and numb – the cold. Callie and I snuggled next to each other, but nothing changed. Not too long, and the sound of the steps of our ex-owner faded away and only the two of us remained.

In the dark and cold, where we sent hours howling, crying and asking for mommy. We lost hope, and didn’t feel our feet. And then we saw the light of the day, and a kind lady that was looking shocked at us. I remembered that I snuggled next to Callie and thought, that we’re probably very ugly and terrible and this is why she’s looking at us that way, and our owners abandoned us. I was cursing the fact that we have no breed. However it appeared that I was wrong. After a short hesitation we were taken out of the box, cuddled and covered in her jacket and we went in her home.  All the time she was treasuring us, she talked nice to us, warmed us, fed us, and did not stop saying how sweet and fluffy we are over and over again, and the next day, she gave us to ARS. It turned out, that after all we have luck, since we hit upon the right moment when they had space for puppies. Our rescuer was moaning all night, that she can’t look after us, because her pension is so low and she does not have money to feed and vaccinate us.

And that’s how bit by bit, things sorted out. Callie and I often talk about the new owners that we would love to have, where we would love to love, whether we prefer a yard or an apartment, whether they’ll have other animals or not… but these conversations are usually short, because we both agree that we just want to be loved – no matter by who and where.

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