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Here is a bunch of dogs who have had the fortune of their own homes and lost it – abandoned, lost, dumped – they are waiting for their new people at the Bogrov shelter.

These wonderful boxers are Ike and Tara – a mother and her son. Ike is 5, Tara is 8, they have always had a good life and were well taken care of. Until a month ago when their owner left the country and simply dumped them on the street. Kind neighbours brought the lost couple to us.

Photo 1: Ike and Tara; Photo 2: Tara; Photo 3: Ike
Now the two are looking for new, loving owners – if possible – together, as they really love each other. Both dogs are very social, friendly and housebroken.

This cocker boy is an 8 year old male, he is a small guy – a delicate and sweet dog. We were hoping someone had lost him, as he was found is a good state, but sadly – noone has claimed him so far. He would be so happy to leave the shelter for a loving family…
We have one more lovely cocker waiting, a young, energetic boy – SEE HIM HERE.

Here is a beautiful husky lady, she is very young, between 8 and 12 months. Lovely, social, energetic, friendly – jsut a typical husky dog.

We are still hoping her owners will show up – such dogs rarely get dumped, she could be lost.

If you want to adopt one of these sweet dogs – you are welcome to the Bogrov shelter.

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  • Tiago
    Posted 29/03/2014 09:40 0Likes

    Get this idea out of your heads: They all just doing it for the money! And I say: Whats WRONG with doing it for the money?? What eds this idea that doing it for the money is BAD?? What else SHOULD they be doing it for?? For the joy of making YOU happy?? You cant EAT from somoene elses joy.? You cant pay the bills with somoene elses joy! Having money is a SIDE EFFECT of joy so ENJOY having money and ENJOY that they have found a way to MAKE money

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