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These three munchkins need a calm and safe foster home to grow in!

Found in a dumpster, they’ve already grown in the hands of our girls and aren’t that difficult to look after – they’ve got an appetite, they’re healthy. These photos are from their first day with us, and they are a week older already!

What does a foster home mean? It means someone taking them (together or separately) home and taking care of them until they can be vaccinated and safely mix with the rest of our cats.

While living in a veterinary clinic, they are at unnecessary risk of disease and for this reason, we avoid touching them, except for feeding. They would be far better off if they grew petted and cuddled, somewhere safe.

Food, cat litter, and if needed medical care would be provided by us. And when the time comes, we will be looking for their adopters.

If you have the opportunity to help the little tigers with their temporary raising, write to us!

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