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Oh, joy! TRANSPORT IX/2017 – successful.
The bus travelled another 2300km to Holland (and just as many back) – this time with 20 angels on board – and everyone is safe and sound!

Of course, it didn’t go without problems – each and every journey is a nightmare of administrative and bureaucratic problems. The ARSofia transports have to be the most inspected thing since Lehman Brothers, but… at least this keeps us in shape. The fact that we rescue dogs and work instead of the government with money from donations is our problem. The government doesn’t care.

But however much we whine and wreck our nerves, and promise to never, ever do a transport again, so help me God, it takes just a couple of photos from our colleagues to focus our minds on the happiness our little babies will have in their lives from now on. Because they deserve it:

Ricky, Dicky and Donna

Dicky Donna Ricky

Three of Mommy Mayra’s babies – a sweet beagle mix that was abandoned pregnant in the winter and gave birth in the home of a lady who sheltered her. They grew up in our quarantine – so sweet and funny, we wish them luck!

19222898_843610559135794_7663520038018326007_o майра1 майра2

Mayra is already home, with a German family living in Sofia. The third brother – Nicky is still with us, although he has Dutch adopters, he has cryptorchidism and will have to wait for his neutering before he travels to them.


Litter D

Dara Dirk

Another bag of abandoned puppies – 7 identical boys and girls – so gentle and loving, but… dark and large. It is the “breed” subscribed to our cages for years, they have to be rehomed as early as possible.

Dana Derek

Born in someone’s yard, they were allowed to suckle from mom until starting to eat on their own. As soon as that happened – they were put in a box and driven away. Becoming no one’s responsibility.

Deron  Dessy

You’d probably find this strange, but this is a side-effect of the better treatment animals get in Bulgaria. People cannot force themselves to drown the babies as newly-bourns as they used to. But, sadly, they haven’t learnt to spay their females yet.



We asked our colleagues in Holland to take Renny (Rayna’s daughter), although she was shy. We hoped a home environment would help her show her real self.


Reny’s foster mom Danielle sent us a message when they arrived: “Do all your shy dogs follow people around begging for hugs?”

18492315_719901948196261_1823953794_n 19206596_1732490046779427_797633261_n

The shelter really isn’t suitable for every dog.
And Renny really is very happy in her new environment.

Joya and Lucy

Joya B2

There are two newly-German ladies on this transport to Holland – two lovely sisters. Raised by kind people who tried to do the best for them. Vaccinated, socialized, friendly… but still, unwanted by anyone here.

joya01 (1) Lucy (2)

Lusy and Joya have a third, equally sweet sister who has a fungal infection and had to stay behind for treatment. And these two are feeling great and wagging their tails under German sky!

Bianka, Neshka and Durga

Bianka and Neshka are two soft hearts, raised from new-bourns in the home of wonderful people. You can always recognize the puppies with human “moms” – so gentle and lovable.

Bianca Durga Neshka

Their best friend Durga who was like a sister to them at the shelter, is also raised in a foster family. The three were inseparable and we’re really glad they got to be fostered together in Holland.

Blaga and Blagoy

Lovely little angels – clever, friendly, curious – two out of four puppies, abandoned to die in the middle of nowhere.

блага благой

Kind people found them and brought them in. They were making drone photos outside the city and stumbled upon this:

благовци1 благовци3 благовци2

The puppies in Sofia and about it aren’t born outside to stray mothers anymore. Now the babies come from the yards of people who have un-spayed females giving birth twice a year.


We’ve been together since his third month, and he is now two years old… When we met for the first time Sivcho had the biggest black eyes you could fall into. He also had a severely broken leg and it took months before he could start using it again.

sivcho2 sivcho1

Back then the Farm didn’t have a clinic and everything we did happened in what we call “the office” today. Surgery tables, boxes of patients, papers, people, and above all that… the ringing of Sivcho’s enthusiastic barking!


Our black-eyed boy spent his childhood in a cage, but it was worth it. Now he is running on green fields and learning about the world in Holland, with his new owners.


Sweetheat Lucia lived at the Lukoil gas station. She never hurt a fly, but someone reported her as aggressive and the municipal catchers came for her. We couldn’t have that and took her to the Farm.


5-year old, gray, homeless – not exactly the dog that gets tons of attention. She has our friend Selma to thank for her happiness. Lucia is already with her new family in Holland!


DSC_0010 Curry

Found abandoned in the middle of nowhere, Curry didn’t turn out as the poodle-mix we thought he was at first. He must have had a Bobtail parent, because our boy will grow to be huge! And that is something his new Dutch family to enjoy.


Here you can see the first moments after the van arrived in Holland – our babies in the yard of Danielle, with her awesome Pyreneans – the huge baby-sitters of an endless flow of Bulgarian babies for re-homing:

And some more photos – from the foster homes of our sweet babies, for you – the people who have made all this possible for them:

19143852_843611992468984_4706753438798440983_o 19143867_843610252469158_9160151797682694833_o 19149221_843611322469051_438117378543365879_n 19221469_843610479135802_6245859675132333939_o 19221697_843612072468976_5032423083942007393_o 19221846_843611105802406_6987841934894656473_o 19222571_843612529135597_1595393055566940181_o 19222584_843610269135823_3709062928779141657_o 19225431_843612689135581_2813834553897357518_n 19225504_843610592469124_6621471220242310484_n 19238004_843611332469050_369702517398783327_o 19238026_843611065802410_8123170086697146956_o 19275263_843612695802247_5469696939373536855_n 19489681_1744473428914422_986095683_n

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