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Walk your dog with a cause!

Have an active lifestyle!

Taking the dog for a walk? Sure!

Walking out for a cause? Oh, yes!

Nestle for ACTIVE LIFESTYLE! CITY 2022″ together with PURINA has prepared a special location with activities for the four-legged friends and their caretakers. We invite you to join us on September 18th at 6:30 pm sharp, at the Dog Garden of South Park 2, behind the Earth and Man National Museum.

Everyone with their participation will be a benefactor for the animals in need of Animal Rescue Sofia and on every participant’s behalf PURINA will donate 1 kg of food to the four-legged friends!

Come on out for a walk! The effort – from you, the gifts – for them!

More details – in the link (page is in Bulgarian).

We are expecting you!

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