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Helping animals in need is a rewarding but also a very hard work. The help provided by the volunteers often makes the difference between life and death. Behind every story of a saved animal there are a few compassionate people who’ve opened their hearts and spent time and energy to give it a chance for better life.

ARS invites you to join our efforts and help with what you can in:

  • Walking and playing with the dogs at the Farm;
  • Cleaning and socializing the dogs at the Farm;
  • Fostering puppies, cats or dogs after surgery;
  • Campaigning for donations, food and materials and etc.


The Farm is always welcoming to serious and hard-working volunteers who’d like to join our efforts by cleaning and walking the dogs.

We need volunteers every day, but in the Saturdays’ walking days are organized for the dogs by the Senior Volunteers.

The Saturday dog-walks start at 11 a.m. People are welcome to join and help each and every dog get their few moments outside the cage, a hug, a treat, a run and some love.


Volunteers in action

We have no address for The Farm, as it is outsde the village, you can find a map HERE.
Please, bear in mind there are no caffeterias near by, so you’d need to bring along a lunch and something to drink. Also – don’t forget you need the right clothing (and a change!), dogs keep it messy!

CONTACT US if you have any questions.

Once on the spot you’ll be instructed by a Senior volunteer or ARS team member what would be most useful for you to do that day – it may be walking, brushing, bathing, feeding, cleaning or sorting-out the storage.

It could be you on this side of the lead:


We need foser families!

ARS supports the fosters and keeps contact with them on all important issues while looking for a permanent home for the animal. If necessary – we provide vaccines, food and any needed materials.

Most often we need homes for dumped puppies who are too young to come to the shelter; cats and kittens; animals with special needs.


Animals in foster care

If you would like to join us in this quest – CONTACT US.


We have young vets from the veterinary universities of Utrecht, Holland and Gent, Belgium who come and help regularly. Veterinary students and doctors are always welcome to help! We can arrange the accomodation not far from the shelter – it is a wonderful way to get some experience and make new friends in Bulgaria!

We are in need of active and resourceful people for the following activities:

  • Organizing fundraisers: Charity dinners; “Donations – Not flowers” at special events; Bake sales; Garage sales and etc…
  • Promoting our work: Engaging the media; Printing out leaflets at work; Talking to people and etc…

Being an Animal Rescue Sofia volunteer is a cool and rewarding job – you meet other nice people and do a lot of helpful work! You are VERY WELCOME!


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