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You remeber the puppies that we rcsued form a closed electric station in February. When we took hem to the clinic it turned out the pups have not only been starved and without water for a week, but also have parvovirosis and coronavirosis – two illneses that can be deadly by themselves. Of the 3 puppies – 2 survived – the boy Vihar and the girl Electra. Electra spent a long time in the clinic, she’s now healthy and came to Bogrov. Vihar had the lucky chance of being fostered. And his foster is a sweet lady – Sabina who has an even sweeter cat, called Pierre. This is the life of Vihar and Pierre in pictures:

Vihar was scared in the begginning. Pierre loved him from first sight, but the puppy was too frightened and traumatized

Their relationship improved slowly, with Pierre giving his best to make Vihar smile

Vihar was stubborn. Pierre was stubbornER

Finnaly – Vhar surrended and the two became the bestEST of friends!

VIHAR is looking for a home

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