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It was the end of August when we admitted Lotte the bobtail mix to the Farm. Freshly abandoned, with an old, badly healed trauma on her front leg, shivering and full of parasites. The main problem was easy to see – lameness, caused by an old trauma, along with loads of pain.

The x-rays showed that Lotte’s leg cannot be saved with what we have. At the same time – the pain was really strong and we couldn’t leave her like this. We turned to you for help – for an amputation of the front leg. (Along with Leeoolly, a shepherd mix who got a resection of the hip joint thanks to you.)

IMG_7076 IMG_7261

Lotte’s cry for help reached our colleagues in Germany – the same people who took Moritz the drathaar with a very similar problem and helped him keep his leg. They asked us not to hurry with the amputation and organized her admittance to the same clinic – which is one of the best in Europe for veterinary orthopedics.

You can see how Lotte is doing today – after months of hard work and physio, after a few happy months in a great foster home, along with a funny haircut – she is running like the wind, full of joy and happy to be living her life!

We hug everyone involved in her amazing story!!!
(Almost everyone, no hugs for the people who left her to heal on her own with a severely broken leg, and then discarded her like garbage when they no longer enjoyed her looks.)
All the best to you, dear Lotte!


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