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Year after year, the climate in Bulgaria changes, the winter is softer, the average temperatures are getting higher and higher.

Probably this is the main reason for the wider spread of the vectoborn diseases in Bulgaria.

Unfortunately, as often happens here, instead of taking measures and informing the society, Bulgarian authorities prefer to deny the existence of these diseases and even – stopping the medicine import for them.

As if not speaking about it, the vectorborn diseases will disappear.

We prefer to speak, though. Most of the vectorborn disease are dangerous for people as well. And they are spread by insects – mosquitos, ticks, flies – creatures everywhere around us and our animals.

Each month hundred of new  dogs are accepted in “The Farm”

and they are all tested

If you haven’t made prophylaxis against these, you should test your pet, as soon as possible, and if negative – include the prophylaxis without delaying. It really is a matter of life and death.

Every dog, entering “The Farm” is tested for the most common diseases – anaplasmosis, erlichiosis, boreliosis, heartworm and leishmaniosis.
Sadly, too often they come out positive.
This is how it looks statistically:



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