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Rudy is a dog that was rescued from the street – he was found frozen, hungry and very scared. It was an elderly couple that took him in – kind people who took care of him with great love.  They had a hard time – he grew to become a large, energetic dog. But now – when the elderly man fell and broke his arm things became nearly impossible for them.  It is a series of disasters that force the family to look for a new home for Rudy – their older son recently passed and the younger had a stroke…  After all this the poor old woman is urgently calling for help – she wants to find him a loving home as soon as possible, she can’t leave him out in the street. Rudy is 2,5 years old, neutered and vaccinated, very loving, good and spoiled, he loves to run and play. He and his family really need help in this difficult moment. Please, help if you can!

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