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This week we were in Kremikovtzi to urgently neuter the pregnant dogs there. We didn’t want to operate in the freezing cold and until the dogs had recovered, but had to act fast in order to avoid the birth of new babies doomed to starve or die eaten. It was difficult to organize in such a rush, but since Kremikovtzi will be closed for a month we had to be quick. The management of Kremikovtzi has given us access to continue to feed the dogs while the factory is closed (till January 03).

Catching the dogs was extremely hard. We didn’t want to use anaesthetics because of their fragile physical and mental condition. On the other hand most animals were completely in panic with humans and wouldn’t let anyone near. Our target – 15 females in middle and advanced stages of pregnancy were the most illusive. We used Sedaline and it worked but took an impossible ammount of time – every dog had to be fed a meatball with the sedative and than followed for an hour before it was sleepy enough to be caught. Two days were spent only on trapping dogs.

Even so, we are satisfied to be telling you that 17 females and 3 males (we weren’t going to do males this time, but these were really keen to go through d-r Stankova) were neutered in Kremikovtzi on the 15 and 17-th. We will be back in Kremikovtzi in February to continue neutering if the weather allows it.

Meanwhile we picked up one more dog from there – Kremmy – a young female who was ill and needed treatment. She is a special one – her lower jaw is smaller and she goes arround wearing a funny grin. She was severely dehydrated and was vomitting anything she digested. She is now in treatment at the Bogrov clinic.

You can help us help the dogs of Kremikovtzi by donating for food. We buy approx 1,4kg of food per 1 euro. Feeding the dogs so far has shown good results. Whilst some of the more weary ones are still skinny, many have put on weight which is a dramatic improvement ofr them in the freezing cold. We hope with your support to be able to continue to feed and neuter them throughout the cold months. These dogs really have noone to care for them.

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