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ЕDIT 4:15 pm
Dear friends,
the funds for Zhelyo have been raised!
He will receive blood from a fellow shelter dog.
We will keep you informed about his condition.


Has Zhelyo been lucky? He is one of those small dogs that we would call a “poodle” – small, hairy, kind. He has lived maybe 8-9 years, probably chained in someone’s yard.

By accident or in a twist of his destiny – Zhelyo ran onto the road and was hit by a car right infront of our kind-heated colleague Svetlio Petrov who rushed him to the Central Veterinary Clinic. The little ragdoll did his best to act like a man and even waved his little tail a couple of times when he wasn’t suffocating.

Unfortunately Zhelyo is feeling very bad and needs immediate medical attention. He needs to get an oxygen treatment, he needs to have the fluids removed from his stomach, he needs to get a blood transfusion, he needs to be monitered for his internal trauma…

All that costs money. And Zhelyo isn’t rich. He doesn’t even have a medical insurance. He is just a dying little ragdoll who doesn’t even have the strenght to ask for help.

So we will ask for him. Please, help Zhelyo! He is a good guy who wants to live and can be rehomed quite qhickly if he is healthy and clean.

Zhelyo’s treatment costs 300BGN (150E) – if every one of us pitches in with a small sume – he will be saved. Help him by DONATING by bank, PayPal or at the clinic.

Thank you for not closing your eyes!

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