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The concept of “Donations not Flowers” is very simple. At any major holiday – like a wedding, a birthday, christening or prom, the guests receive an invitation with a small note: not to bring flowers for the hosts, but to leave the amount they would spend for flowers in a charity box at the event.


You’d be surprised how much good can be done in this way! Instead of the temporary joy of a torn flower you have the opportunity to raise a considerable amount to support any cause you care for.

You know we are swamped with babies. There are already 69 here in the shelter, and almost as many are waiting for space to clear up in foster homes. Good food is an investment in good health when it comes to puppies. But the healthy feeding of so many babies is an almost impossible task – good food doesn’t come cheap and they do eat like dragons.

Two weddings saved us from a puppy food crisis in the last 6 weeks. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to feed our babies quality kibble. They wouldn’t have strong legs and shiny coats, we would have many more health issues with them.

Bobby and Nora

боби и нора (6)

Bobby, Nora and… Tara!
The lovely family has an adopted dog from us – through the adoption weekends at Pets&U. Back then Nora and Bobby weren’t married, but we still think that Tara is their first, adopted child.

боби и нора (4) боби и нора (7)

Bobby and Nora donated 500BGN for the puppies at the Farm – from the gifts the guests had prepared. 500 BGN isn’t a small amount for a young family. They could buy something necessary for their home, or take a vacation… Instead Bobby and Nora decided to help the babies who shared Tara’s destiny…

Velislava and Kamen

велислава (2)

Velislava and Kamen have been helping animals in need for quite some time. This time – they decided to be the angels for the Puppies at the Farm. And they did it!

велислава и камен велислава (1)

950 BGN was the sum the young family spent on puppy kibble – 16 bags (15 kilos each) of food from Happy Dog – 240 kilgrams! Instead of feeding it all at once, we mixed it 1:1 with other foods kind people had donated on our weekend walks. This way we managed to feed the babies well for a whole month, keeping them healthy and well.

Major luck!

Kamen and Velislava, Nora and Bobby – bless you!

Let the good, generosity and amazing love always remain in your hearts!

We wish you the healthiest of children – to be the pride and joy of their parents, to grow up as worthy people, just like yourselves.

We hug you, send you all the best we have in us and thank you on behalf of the shelter’s puppies. You will be incredibly happy! There could be no doubt about that!

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