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Holly and Diablo have absolutely nothing in common. Even the strange coincidence with their names is accidental – one was named 100 kilometers away from the other. One is here and happy, the other is gone… They are just 2 more black dogs who have passed through our hands this last week.


How long did she drag about like this? Who raised their hunting rifle against this 10-kilo girl? What is he doing this very moment? And what kind of people live in that area to leave her like this all this time???


Holly comes from a distant, secluded place, we learnt about her from a lady who met her on the road by chance, but wasn’t able to help. Through her story the dog was found and taken to the doctor by Pazarjik Animal Welfare and then brought over to our care – with D-r Vassilev at the Central Vet Clinic. The initial prognosis had some hope. It was impossible to leave the dog in this condition and whatever worries we had what to do with such a difficult lady were put aside. But we couldn’t help. Little Holly was put to sleep at the CVC this Sunday. With her spine broken in 2 places and kidneys that have stopped functioning.


You know we very rarely tell you our sad stories. But it would be horribly sad if Holly leaves this world without touching anyone’s heart, without getting some love before her long journey.

Farewell, little one. We’ll see you again one day.


The shelter phone is ringing, a shocked person is talking about a dog being hit in Dianabat district, but it’s hard to hear as a dog is screaming in the background. “We are not admitting new animals, please contact…” – not a chance – the people are too afraid to go near the dog and it is just squealing in pain. D-r Ilieva left right away and found a broken Diablo, suffering from a broken back leg and a pneumothorax.


Diablo arrived at the CVC where to be stabilized and prepared for an operation. After a horrid night, with the vets pumping air out of his lungs every hour, Diablo makes it. So far it all sounds familiar. But just as far.


After the successful operation (and during a “where are we going to put yet another dog?” session), the next evening a call was received from Diablo’s vet – d-r Vladi Zlatinov. He saw an ad – the boy was lost and his owners were trying to find him! D-r Ilieva contacted the woman right away, she was very upset, but not Diablo when they were finally reunited. The owners paid for his surgery, picked up their boy and went home. A lucky guy!


So, this is how the battle of the Black Dogs against the Dark Reaper went last week. 1:1. Sometimes we lose. Perhaps it’s time to get used to it, but we don’t know how.

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