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This campaign has ended with an amazing result!


What do homeless dogs and mobile phones have in common?

It is not “nothing”, dear friends! Thanks to Reusum Charity you now have the opportunity to turn your unused mobile devices into donations for the work of Animal Rescue Sofia!

We live in an unfair world. A part of humanity has too much whilst the rest have too little. We change our planet irreversibly with our huge productivity, we create billions of useless artifacts, we buy things we do not need, we soil and damage our environment. The Earth still has resources to sustain us all, but we – the humans don’t know how and don’t want to share it fairly.

The people of Reusum have created a way for the endless mobile devices we buy and replace regularly to continue working for humans, instead of polluting our nature with their un-degradable parts and poisonous batteries.

What is more – Reusum Charity has made it possible to not only recycle and re-use the unwanted phones, but to also make a donation to our cause in a moment when your support is vital for the animals we love!

What is the situation with the mobile phones?

It has been estimated that with a total population of 7 billion people the number of mobile devices in the world is over 5,6 billion!

The average European changes their mobile device every 18 months. There are over 500 million new mobile devices purchased yearly in the European Union alone. At the same time the recycle rate is only 10%.

Still, in countries like Brazil and India the “life span” of a mobile phone is about 7 years.

Reusum is one of the large international companies that collect unused phones from users in the rich part of the world, fixing the working ones for further use and recycling those that are beyond repair.

This way Reusum allows people from developing countries to purchase phones at affordable prices, whilst saving the planet tens and hundreds of tons of toxic waste every year!


How to donate your unused devices?

You can become a part of this great initiative very easily – just dig about your home to find all those old phones in cupboards and desks and take them to one of the collection locations Reusum has all over the country.

Every device you donate helps twice – first, you will be saving the environment another toxic debris, and second – you would be donating for our cause – the making of an Animal Rescue Sofia shelter in our city!

Talk to your friends, your relatives – you would be surprised how many un-used and worthless phones there are left among us after only 15 years of mobile communications in our country.

Gather it all up and take it to one of the collection points, or you can bring it to us – we have a box in the shelter.

NB: Don’t forget to remove any SIM-card or personal data from the devices.

How much money do you get from each phone?

The very old and broken phones are priced at 0 leva.
But for every single one of them Reusum Charity donates 1 lev to our charity! Over 1500 phones have been collected for our cause already!!!

The working devices are priced according to their age and condition – they can go up to 10, 20, 50 and even more leva. The people at Reusum have sheets with every possible device and a pricing to it. They are professionals, the Bulgarian branch is a part of a huge International company with good work ethic and perfect logistics.


Where can I leave my old mobile phones for you?

Reusum has collection boxes in every TECHNOMARKET store in Bulgaria! CLICK HERE to see the addresses of each one.

We also have a donation box at Bogrov.

If you prefer to send them or bring them to a point in the city you can use our mailing address:

James Bourchier 23 blvd, Sofia 1164, FOR: Animal Rescue Sofia
(The place has 24/7 live security, it’s OK to pop in any time)

If you are not in Bulgaria – you can still collect every phone you can find and send it to us!

We thank every person that joins this initiative!


  • Екатерина
    Posted 14/02/2015 23:39 0Likes

    Здравейте, приемате ли пак стари телефони? Имаме няколко, които бихме могли да ви дарим. Поздрави

  • patrecia in sushitsa
    Posted 28/12/2013 16:27 0Likes

    Oh wow! I am so pleased that you made it. I prayed so hard that God would help you..I even wrote to the Harmony Fund in Usa..

    it is great to know that you will still carry on

    love Patrecia

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