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“If you want – you find a way,

If you don’t want – you find an excuse!”

N.B. The reason we wrote this post is not to point the “bad people”. It is a way to try preventing taking a dog from people, who are not ready to be responsible owners!

A lot of our candidates for adoption, get really angry, when we start asking them questions, which may be considered as too personal. We do realize, that it is not very nice if someone you don’t know, starts asking you when do you plan to have children and what will happen with the dog than.

We don’t do it, because of a sick interest. We are in the middle – we meet a lot of people, who want to adopt a pet, but we meet also the ones, who want to dump thier pet.

It would be great if, before taking an animal, we think over the main reasons people usually dump their animals, and consider what would we do in such situations. If the answer is “Dump the dog”, please, just don’t take any.

10. It is actually not mine

It was my children’s and they don’t want it any more, it was my father’s and he passed away, it is a stray dog – I took it 10 years ago, but it is not mine, it is from the street..



Ethan was dumped after 4 years, because he wasn’t theirs, but taken from us i.e. he is ours

9. My new partner doesn’t like dogs

We actually do believe in love and making compromises because of that. May be it is just us, but we also think if you love someone, you accept him and this includes his furry four-legged part.

8. I am too old

I am 76 and I cannot take care after this 2 years old energetic dog. Hmmm… What have you been thinking 2 years ago, when you bought the puppy?

7. We can’t deal with it

The dog is not clean at home, it is agrresive and doesn’t listen. Or is sick. We can’t deal with this.


Vassil was left on the street paralized and sick

6. It is old

We had this dog for 13 years and we love it soooo much, we just can’t watch it die.


Bibo was 13 years old, when his people abandoned him

5. We are changing the furniture

People who think the new sofa is the most important thing? No comment.

4. We didn’t expect this

It needs walks and food and, can you believe?, vet care! We didn’t expect this.


Paspartu was left, because he is young and energetic

3. An alergy

Of course it may happen. Please, just make sure the allergy is exactly from dogs.

2. We will live abroad forever

It is not that people abroad don’t have animals, but you didn’t decide it yesterday. Why all the people who use this reason to abandon their dog always say Ï am leaving tomorrow”?!?

1. We are expecting a baby!

Good news indeed! Actually, the researches show the opposite – kids who grow with pets are not only happier, but healthier as well. You can read, if you want.

In conclusion – it could happen. Noone knows whats expecting him in future, but the way you react when you have to leave your pet, shows what kind of a person you are. The action after this matters – do you look for a new owner for you dog and give it as long as it needs, or you just dump it on the street or a shelter?

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