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Titania is called this way because she was nearly crushed by a garbage truck of municipal cleaning company called TITAN. Titania is so small that her name gradually changed from Titti to “the little doggie” which is what everyone at her foster’s calles her. She is a tiny, impossible sweet girl of 4 months.

Titti will be a small dog when she grows up. She loves attention and food and is a very friendly and brave little girl. She is great with other dogs, people and cats and has an amazing “I want it all” appetite. Titty is de-wormed and vaccinated.

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  • Catarina Rocha
    Posted 15/02/2011 17:19 0Likes

    Hi, I am a Portuguese girl living and studying in Sofia. I am looking for a friend to make some company. Unfortunatelly it has to be small because sometimes i will have to carry it to Portugal by plane.
    I really loved Titania. Is it possible to adopt her?
    My e-mail is

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