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I’m Miss Sweetness but my friends call me Becky. I’m three years old. At first sight I look like one kind and simple-hearted dog. At second sight – I’m just the same 😉 The best in me is that I make people happy. That’s why I embrace every opportunity to spend some time with them in games, teasing and caressing. Always first at the door of the cage, impatiently joggling my friends, I hope to be the One noticed by my favorite volunteers or even better – by my Adopters. I was neutered long ago, whatever that means, and now I’m ready to give all my love to someone special.


Aloha chicas and amigos!

I’m the unknown Miss Know-it-all. But in Latin America people also know me as Cha-cha. Oops, what I just told you was an antonym – how can I be both unknown and known at the same time!? By the way, because of all that chatter I was called Miss Know-it-all. But it’s not like that – not at all. I don’t know everything – just on the contrary! I have no idea what it is like to be somebody’s pet, to have your own home and family, people who love you and take care of you…people who take you on excursions with them and hurry to get home so that you don’t feel lonely…Is there somebody who wants to show me what it is like to be somebody’s pet? Oh, and you should know that I’m very friendly, full of energy, curious, neutered dog and a lot of other things but never ordinary.



Good afternoon comrades. I’m Miss Senior Major, for shorter – Crony, three years old. I’m fast learning, curious, calm, and patient, gentle-hearted, and although I look a little serious from where I got my nickname, I’m actually very cheerful and friendly dog. I live for human caress and if I have to put order in the cage to get it – that’s what I’m going to do. Neutered and vaccinated.


Bonjour, my dear people.

I’m Miss Pamper Girl or as I have been recently named – Lizel. I’m a three years old typical example of a purring cat in dog’s body. Or otherwise said I live for human caress and love. You can cuddle me, play with me, comb my fur, and take care of me in many other ways and I won’t complain at all. I’ll bear it stoically and even ask for more. And if I’m lucky enough I’ll have it. Then all the days of isolation, loneliness and sadness will be left behind. My future will bright and happy. And I’ll finally use my energy and love to make my people’s lives full of variety and value, easier, and a little bit better. Neutered.


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