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What would you think, if you go out one morning and see in front of your door this?

We are not evil, we won’t make you guess what did we find inside – clearly it wasn’t a golden treasure.

Please, meet Queen and Snow – the finding in this barrel.

Mama Queen is 3-4 years old sweetie. She is playful and sweet like a puppy. And at size – she is actually smaller than our usual puppies.

Queen is healthy, now is vaccinated, castrated and ready for new adventures!

Her son, Snow, is 6-7 months old.

He is a little bit shy, but also extremely sweet.

There is no particular reason to tell you about Queen and Snow. Except one – every year thousands of animals get their second chance in “The Farm”.
It is only possible, because you support our work.

Thank you for helping them – together we create miracles!
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Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson Photography

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