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It’s been five years since we began to send homeless sweethearts to a new life – dogs from our streets are living happily in Austria, Germany and Holland. But in the case of these here 32 babies – they nearly missed their opportunity to leave – we couldn’t pay for their transport and were about to lose their spots with our colleagues. But you didn’t let that happen. With your great help, dear Humans, it’s now been a week since our puppies became official Dutch citizens!

pristignali (1)

They have rested from the road and spend some time in quarantine – everyone is healthy and feeling great, already sparkling on their new photos and accepting visitors to choose the best families. Here are the first to go home, thank you for giving this life to them!

pristignali (3) pristignali (2)

And we can’t help but wander – why is it that our photos show the same dogs as sad little homeless dogs – and when we get pics from Holland the very same dogs look as boutique first class pets!?

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Thank you again for giving 32 babies a chance of happiness!
Hope it comes back to you triple!

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