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Larry and Yana are some usual names. Names that sound like hundreds of other names. The  puppies Larry Yana also look like hundred other dogs. But they are unusual! Because they are one of a kind! One of a kind in the world for someone, as this someone would be one of a kind for them. Because only if he loves, he’ll tie down with them forever, he’ll tame them. He’ll feel he necessity to care. It would be wonderful. This would make each of his days different from the others, every hour, different from the other hours.

These two mice are still small miracles. Although delicate, every small miracle would grow into a true enchantment. If you let him, it would delicately get into your own soul, wear out your being and would snuggle into your usual daily life. There would be sunshine in your life. You would hear steps, different from all other steps. You would see the whiff of the wind, which no one else sees, because a small tail would be waving there only for you.





Larry and Yana are in a foster home and are making their small tricks, that only small puppies can do – sweet mischiefs. Vaccinated and dewarmed, ready to stand on the road of big fellowship.

Everyone needs a friend, no one can live alone!

“You can understand only the things you’ve tamed. People now have no time understanding anything. They buy things completely ready from merchants. But since there are no merchants selling friends, people now have no friends” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in “The Little Prince”. If you want a friend, adopt and tame Larry or Yana!

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