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Meet the Humpty-dumpty band – they are one very charming and fluffy family that came to us in a small frayed carton box so we admit them straight into the quarantine rooms. Today, a year later, grown-up, dumpy, loving, with the most comely looks, cheerful and unique, we present them to you. For that year nobody asked for them, nobody adopted any of them. Why- we just can’t explain. Supposedly everybody wants to adopt as sociable and sweet dogs as they are but they spent the last year in the shelter feeling love and human attention only once a week. Living deprived of any comfort of an own home without even knowing what they are missing. But they are never unhappy or complaining – they take with full paws of life as much as they can under the given circumstances and the life in the shelter. And you will always recognize them for their wild temper and funny faces.

Born may 2012th, neutered and vaccinated.


DSC_5107 (Small) DSC_5115 (Small) DSC_5112 (Small)

DSC_5120 (Small)


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