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Another day in the shelter, yet – it is a special day,a day one can compare with a holiday.

Adult dogs are leaving! For some of them years have passed, before we manage to put their names in the “travel list”.

For others we have never expected to find new homes, because their age, behavior or look.

And this is precisely why the joy is so big now! No more empty words!
Ladies and gentlemen we introduce you the new German citizens:

Victoria is with us since a puppy. And since that time she was shy and modest. Our dog trainer has been working with her for months, before Victoria started trusting people. It worth it – finally Victoria’s new life has started!


Lassy was a loved pet for 8 years. And this why it is so much it is so much harder for him make a new start and for us – to help him in this task. Well, we worried in vain – Lassy’s chance came fast!

Berry is one of our orthopedic cases. After a meeting with a car, she was accepted in “The Farm” with priority. Lovable and joyful doggie, she didn’t wait too long.

Johny is a sweet hunting- mix dog, who got lucky to be found by a person, who cares. He was included in our waiting list, the person who found him fostered him, until a place in the Farm be becomes available and a few months later he came here. Luckily, on the very first possible moment, he got his ticket to Germany.

Maria is adorable dog – her wagging tale speaks all the time! Yet, she is middle aged, middle size, not that attractive, so we expected her to stay here long time.
No. She was the very first to get adopted, and we already got her photos in a home of her own!

It is the third chance for Freya, as she already was a pet, then abandoned on the street from where we took her. The second time she was adopted for more than a year and came back again (it was not her fault). We are sure her third chance, in Germany, will be the luck of her life!

Ben was the favorite boy of the staff in our clinic. Sadness and happiness together in one photo – Dessy says goodbye!

And Germany says hallo!

We find it surprising that Suzy didn’t find home in Bulgaria – she is the preferred here small size. Yet, after some times she spent in waiting, she decided to start learning German.

Jimmy boy! He is indeed one of the sweetest guys! He was brought for medical treatment from the people in his neighborhood and because he was so nice, we decided not to bring him back, after the treatment was over. And it looks we were right – Jimmy is a German already!

Radostina came to us from the Municipal dog shelter. We do our best to help rehoming dogs from there every time when possible. Radostinka has perfect behavior, health and is young, but even such, no one chose her in Bulgaria.

Shira got the bad luck award of last year. Her mother and her 6 siblings were fostered by a nice family, while they get vaccinated. Just a few days, before they come at the shelter, Shira fell and broke her leg. One by one, her siblings got adopted. Shira had an orthopedic surgery. Then even her mother was adopted – in Holland. Shira was recovering after the surgery. Unfortunately, when she got ready for adoption – she was no longer a puppy and lesser people would put their eyes on her.

Finally, she got her chance!

Bagra’s case is similar – she had demodex, when she was a puppy, and then, when she was healthy, no one wanted her her – black large dog, not even a puppy.
It didn’t matter – in Germany Bagra is closer to her home than ever!

Aurora is the 13th warrior on this transport – she hasn’t got a long story to tell. She was found on the street as a puppy, waited in a foster home, but had the bad luck to grow too much and too dark.

And this is it – on Friday the 13th, 13 dogs have started a new life! Good we are not supersticios!

Last, but not least – another good news! For a second time, on the way back our van went through Austria to collect the donations our good friends from Stibis Hundeparadies got for us! More than 1600 kilograms of good quality salami’s for dogs!
We use it to give pills in it, to train the dogs and most importantly – for the animals who cannot eat dry food!
Thank you, dear Sandra, for your generosity!

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