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Maybe you’ve missed one of our favorite galleries – dogs and kids, take a quick snap. For us, this is the prettiest sight – a good child and a good dog, learning together how to do good things.

An organized volunteer group of Anglo-American school students at the shelter this winter

You probably know we’re open for all volunteers, including the littlest. Unfortunately, from all schools, just one responded – the amazing Anglo-American school of Sofia. Children of all ages come to the shelter to help. They also made a workshop, through which they raised funds and bought dog food, they come to walk them regularly, etc..

Today, we’d like to show you this picture of Koko who is first grade. These are Romul and Rem from the puppygarten:

A picture of Romul and Rem at the puppygarten, by Coco, 1st grade AAS student

Together with the picture there is one touching, semi-real, semi-made up story, which sounds like that:

The friendship of dogs
Romul and Rem were born at the factory. When the shelter found Romul and Rem they were black when they got a bath they were white. Romul and Rem were happy because they had food,   water,   and friends and hopefully they would get adopted. Their   best friend was JarJar. They were sad because JarJar   got adopted. Then one day the same person who adopted JarJar came to the dog room and came to Romul and Rem and adopted Romul and Rem. Romul and Rem are lucky dogs.
By:  Coco

Romul at the shelter and just out of Kremikovtzi before his first bath

It would probably be interesting for you to know that Romul and Rem are indeed brothers and indeed from the Kremikovtsi factory. They were really absolutely dirty when they arrived, and later on we found out they were white puppies.  What you probably don’t know is that Monique, the shy beauty is also their sister. While Romul and Rem were happily adopted in Austria, Monique departed for Germany just recently.

Monique (sister to Rem and Romul) at the shelter and as a little puppy just out of Kremikovtzi

It is true that Jar-Jar was adopted, although his wonderful owner did not adopted Romul and Rem, as Koko writes. Why Coco has made a connection between Romul, Rem and Jar-Jar – we can’t tell… Perhaps because they were on neighboring pages in our calendar.

Rem, Romul and Jar-Jar in the 2012 calendar

Special thanks to Svetla Stoyanova who has been organizing everything for the AAS kids to come and help out at the shelter. It is people like you who change things, Svetla!


  • stella
    Posted 28/03/2012 13:47 0Likes

    Done 🙂 What a strange mistake :))

  • Svetla
    Posted 28/03/2012 09:08 0Likes

    Could you please correct the name of the school- it is Anglo-American School of Sofia, not British-American College. Thank you!

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