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Welcome to The Farm!

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As of January 2014 and thanks to the effort of thousands of people, Animal Rescue Sofia has a new place – The Farm! Once the reconstructions are finished and the registration takes place, the Farm will be the first and only non-governmental dog shelter in Sofia. ARSofia no longer has anything to do with the Bogrov shelter.

It will take up some months to turn The Farm into a real animal shelter – there is much to be done. The larger building on the 6000 square meter plot will be reconstructed into a kennel area – it will house approx. 200 animals. The smaller building will house our Franziska Clinic – a place to treat, heal and quarantine the new dogs and cats that arrive to the facility. There is also plenty of work with the sewage, electricity, insulation, roofs and etc.

Volunteers are welcome – to become a part of the reconstructions – donating work or materials – JOIN HERE.

Please note, whilst we will not be admitting new animals until the shelter is fully registered and operational, we still have 250 dogs with us. They are available for adoption and would love to see you on our regular weekend walks!

How To Get To The Farm?

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There is a Sofia Transport Nr90 bus to Bogrov, you need to get off at the “Han Bogrov” stop just after the Look-Oil gas-station and walk back a bit.

See on Google Maps

GPS coordinates:  42.707290,23.515156‎ or:  +42° 42′ 26.24″, +23° 30′ 54.56″



The adoption of a dog from the Farm shelter is free.  In addition to that, each dog comes with:

  • a full set of vaccine shots;
  • a microchip;
  • EU passport;
  • Spayed/Neutered.


The adoption procedure is not complicated. Prospective owners need to come see the dogs 2 times. On their first visit they go through an interview – to see if the person will be a responsible owner and what dogs will be suitable. The person is then introduced to dogs to choose from. On the second a contact can be signed and the person goes home with his new friend.

Contact us for any questions you might have. You can see some (but far from all) of the lovely dogs we have at the shelter at this link. It’s best not to look at the photos, but come to the shelter directly.


Once registered, our shelter will house its own clinic. It will be called “The Franziska clinic” in honor of a very special person and the patron saint of all living things – human and animal.

The clinic accepts any and all medical donations – human and veterinarian medications, materials, used and new apparatus etc. See the items on our Wish List if you would like to help out. Your help is greatly appreciated.


We will do our best to make the Farm a sustainable animal shelter with the help of the future Franziska clinic. We are looking into good practices from abroad and already have some ideas how we can achieve this.


We deeply appreciate your help. Besides the funding we are always in need of, we are looking for volunteers who would want to help with the socializing and cleaning in the shelter.

Read all about it HERE.  To sign up as a volunteer please write to:

 vol1 vol2

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