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Bogrov is overcrowded. What is more – our contract for this shelter runs out in the end of the year, there is no way for us to stay  here (don’t be startled, we are working on this matter, you will be the first ones to know once we have some certain information). This means that we have tightened the admittance to the shelter – we only take dumped puppies, abandoned pets and injured stray animals that cannot be returned through the CNVR (neuter&return program).

This doesn’t mean we can take on cases of injured animals forever. We take in wounded whenever there is a space available at the hospital or in the quarantine where the skin-diseased dogs are kept. If we are very bad with the money – we only take dogs that we can treat at our own clinic. If we are normally bad (because we are never well with the money) – we take the dog and look for additional help… This is probably already clear to you as you have been following our work for 3 years now.

So, when one of our volunteers brought Ostap – happy that she could help – we were shocked “but we never admitted this dog!? We told the people over the phone that there is no space for him!?”. So, it turned out some “sly” person used the plea for help we had issued for the transport of Strahil and Sancho and wrote “this dog will be treated at the Bogrov shelter if a volunteer is found to get him there”. And our friends answered immediately – went to the location, found the dog, loaded and brought him to us. But there is no space.

DSCN5253 DSCN5320

We invented some insane and totally unacceptable way to house this extra patient. Bloody and quite confused Ostap didn’t look well in the first minutes of our acquaintance. When we examined and cleaned him up, it turned out he only had a small, but bloody wound, and not a “popped out eye” – the boy would have made it on his own.

Instead – our volunteers were rushed from work, spent half a day in running after made-up stories. Something that happens too often to us “Come! Help! A dog is dying!” and when we go – there is no dog, or the dog is not at all so unwell, or the people just wanted to get rid of it… What a waste of nerves, time and energy this is. How is it that people don’t understand simple math: to leave the shelter and look for a dog, one or two people are not doing their daily work with the dogs we already have…

Ostap is now getting better, when he is healed, we will fix him and return him back to the place where he was found. Hopefully, he will not be getting into the way of cars anymore. And to those “clever” people that cheat and lie in order to get dogs to the shelter – we hope you get your brains back soon. This is not a joke – to play with the lives of animals and people who work their asses off to help them. This is not helping.

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