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It takes really little to lose faith. It is easy to become disgusted with mankind forever, to feel only anger and hatred. To be unable to stop questioning “Why?”.

For four years, since we are dealing with animals, we have seen a lot from people – a lot of senseless cruelty, a lot of pervert acts, reasons for a lot of pain. The only reason we have not fallen into the abyss of antagonism is that we have seen and many from the good people. We’ve seen also compassion, selflessness and generosity.

Today, however, it is hard for us to stop questioning ourselves. It is difficult even to imagine what kind of people live among us – how do they sleep, how do they look into their children’s eyes? Today is a completely normal day. But for us, it is a day in which we ask ourselves:

Why would a human being nail the paws of a dog?




And yet … There are also and others. There is the woman who was roaming in the field because someone told her there was an injured dog. There is also the Farm where he received help. The same Farm, which exists because of the thousands of good people who helped us.


He is not very young, nor very old. He belonged to someone. Someone loved him and we know it for sure – you can easily recognize a loved dog. Achilles was found in the middle of a field, tied on a rope. There was no food or water, no shade. There is also another, even more frightening thing. There are holes in his both back legs, behind the Achilles tendon. The two stab wounds are exactly the same and penetrated the feet from one end to another. We do not want to even guess whether he was nailed or stabbed with some metal hooks. Both scenarios are equally horrifying. For sure we only know it was caused by a man. Someone’s friend, someone’s neighbor or father. Or mother.


Achilles will be fine. The physical wounds will be healed quickly. The human-monster who hurt him, wasn’t able to change his soul – Achilles is still loving, sweet and wonderful.


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