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Tasha – the April gal from this years’ Animal Rescue Sofia calendar. She is one of those “typical” stray doggies – one of  many in the shelter, one of the so called “invisables”. Invisables are those dogs who noone notices at Bogrov. They just seem like one of the many, nothing is special about their looks and they simply don’t catch anyones eye…

This is how Tasha was chosen to appear on the calendar. We thought that she and the many dogs like her would have a much better chance of being rehomed if one of them appeared as a star on our calendar. We don’t like to brag, but how right were we!?

Tasha was adopted! And she was adopted by someone who saw her on our calendar. Someone whose heart shrinked upon reading Tasha’s sad story. And this someone is a very special person – Mrs Elena Yoncheva.

Elena is not only the most loved and respected journalist in Bulgaria, she is also a wonderful person – really kind and caring. Elena and her  partner Plamen already have a dog who was also there when they came to adopt Tasha. They will be great friends for sure!

As silly as it may sound to note a point like this, but Tasha is our first dog to be adopted by someone famous. Eeee-haaaaa, we hope more people would set the example like Elena did!

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