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Tara is happily adopted dog with number 300 for Bulgaria and Jessy found her best friends – Veselka Gergova and her daughter Teodora.

Tara is the husky, Jessy is the little one. tara has just turned 3, Jessy will be 3 in october.

Tara is a gift-dog. “The fulfilled dream” of a lady who wanted to get a blue-eyed husky.
As every baby Tara required lots of care – training, walks, excercise… But none of this was part of the dream.

So, two months after they got her, Tara was sent off to  the province. To be a “guard”, chained and hopeless. Her legs got crooked, she became wild and unruly – her Northern energy was boiling incide her.

At some point it turned out that Tara can’t stay in the yard. All of a sudden she was taken back to the appartment. So she destroyed half of it. And from a “gift” she became trash. She was brought to the shelter, adios, Tara…

But what about Jessy? How did she arrive with us and what does she have to do with it? Well… she was the next “gift”. Yes, the same owners. And no, she didn’t do any mischief. She didn’t bite anyone, brake anything, howl, growl…

Jessy was dumped because… Tara was dumped. Since they were “getting rid of one dog”- why not the other with it. Anyway, they have a baby now, much more interesting, Jessy is not wanted anymore.
Jessy is very scared of the shelter environment. We hope to find her a loving home as soon as possible.

Don’t get angry… It’s pointless. Let’s help the dogs, they need us. Tara maybe has a problem with her stomach, she throws up too often – she will be taken for x-rays. And Jessy – she has had a cherry-eye condition ever since she was 1 yer old, but was left untreated. We will test the dogs and begin “fixing” them. What a life…

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