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Some of our dogs didn’t shed their winter coats on time. And it’s about 38 C today… We don’t know who feels worse in this weather – the staff or the dogs.  The concrete floor in the outside yards and the lack of any shadow forces the dogs to hide inside, but the satff has to clean and we do – no matter how hot it is – there is no time to complain…

TIME TO COMPLAIN: The steam-machine is broken… We’re back to cleaning with the hose, and it’s now been 2 weeks since we’ve ordered those parts… OMG… + we only have one hose and that means every time you switch cages you have to unhook the hose, roll it up, and drag it to the next cage. So, counting that you must do that outside and inside, that makes up a total of 40 times… + you must first pick up all the poo, than you must scrub with the brush to get it all out… Cleaning sucks.

BTW – We have too few brushes, most are really old and broken, but still – the dogs love a good brush-out, it gives them an additional scratch and releives them from the heat. If you have used, but usable brushes – please, consider donating them to the shelter. We need slicker-brushes with long teeth.

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