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Our project at Kremikovtzi has come to an end

We entered Kremikovtzi for the first time exactly 2 years ago, on October 10, 2010. What we saw there shocked us – the survivors of the metal giant were wondering around it like little shadows, emaciated, wild and starving.

In the begging the dogs were too skinny to be neutered, so we needed to feed before we could neuter any, it also helped us gain their trust, so we were able to catch them more easily

We decided we couldn’t live knowing that these dogs are dying of starvation, cannibalizing the puppies of others to survive. We began feeding them in order to prepare them for neutering; they were too thin for us to begin without it. With your help in 2 years we managed to neuter most of the females in the area. Over 15 tons of food was gulped down by the hungry dogs of the closed factory. Many animals received medical help for their conditions. One of the 21 shelter cages was always full of dogs for rehoming from the factory.

A few of the dogs we rehomed from the factory

Today we put an end to this campaign. In time we lost our old romantic idea that we could completely solve the problem locally. New animals began appearing at the scene whilst donations grew scarce – our work there became old news. What is more, our work there began to affect the work we did in the shelter, in our Spay/Neuter center and what is worse: we began questioning ourselves – whether we are not worsening the situation with our presence, since too many new animals were being dumped there.

Emergency cases that we will never forget: The 3-legged boy survived miraculously, but the poor German Shepherd dumped there to be picked up by us died from the after-efects of his fall in an asphalt pit

We put an end to this project and we almost feel as we are traitors, but we are too few and have too little to spend it on something that doesn’t have a long-lasting effect. What is more – we work by the Neuter&Return “laws”, however difficult the “Return” part is for all of us. So we thank you. We thank you honestly and from our hearts for the help you sent to the factory dogs. You can be sure of it – it was not in vain. The lives of hundreds of dogs were saved through the food, Spay&Neuter, the medical treatments, the new homes we found. The permanent residents of the area are mostly neutered, pups are no longer being born to die inside the metal monster.

We had to set up a local Spay/Neuter clinic on two occasions, because there were too many emergency females and we needed to hurry. Most dogs were neutered at the shelter, though.

The amazing two-legged dog Nenny from Kremikovtzi became a mascot for our efforts to help the factory dogs. Tow photos to remember – Nenny when we picked her up and in her own wheel-cart, happily rehomed in Belgium:


What did we do in Kremikovtzi:

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