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Speedy was the dog of a retired teacher and her son, who studied to become a teacher himself. Speedy was much loved and well taken care of, although his family didn’t have allot.

The tragedy happened when late at night on the 5-th of January their appartment caught fire. The family awoke some time during the incident, but it was too late and they passed away before they could reach the exit. Speedy survived untill the fireman came because he was short – less poisonous smoke had gotten into his lungs.

Less, but too much already. Although many people did their best to help Speedy, he passed away this sunday in Good Idea vet clinic. His lungs were too damaged and his lungs finally gave up. We hoped we could undo at least a little of this nightmare, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Rest in peace, Speedy. You are now home with your family.

THIS is the news report about the tragic incident. You can see Speedy desperate to get back to his home…

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