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Do you remember poor little Smokey? You probably do – because it was your kindness and generocity that let him walk again.

He was a ball of matts and pain when we took him in October. Someone had dumped him on the street and in a while he got hit by a car. Unable to walk and in great pain he was slowly passing away.

Smokey’s first day at the clinic – getting a haircut and a diagnosis

Smokey needed an operation and he needed it fast. Thanks to you, he received immedeate medical attention and began walking just a week after his succesfull surgery:

Today we have even better news about Smokey! He has found a loving owner who will care for him dearly. Congratulations to Mrs. Anelia Dimitrova from Pernik – she will have a wonderful friend and companion! Well done, Smokey, you lucky boy!!!

Smokey and Anelia leaving Bogrov to go home

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