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If you have come to the shelter even once, we are absolutely sure that you have noticed Richard. He is one of those kinds of dogs that capture your eyes and heart right away – with his expressive but a little sad look; with his timidly wagging tail in front of the volunteers; with the insight battle of his own – whether he can trust you and let you walk him, or he will let the fear prevail and will stay all alone in the pen – away from the games and the laughter, away from the love he dreams for…

Yes, this is Richard – one of a kind. The destiny gave him the fortune to stand out amongst the shelter’s less noticed- because of the color- inhabitants, but it also gave him the misfortune to see the bad side of life while still a little puppy. Richard came in the shelter with a terrible skin infection, scared to death of people. Thanks to the perseverance, the patience and love of all volunteers who worked with him week after week, he transformed into one very gentle and smart dog, still a little quieter and more shy than most of Bogrov dogs.

Alas, that wasn’t enough for Richard. He spent in the shelter more than a year waiting for his human to show. We already started to think that because of his timidity no one will dare to ask for him, to see in him his best friend and give him all the love that he deserves… Well, we are happy that we were wrong because Richard finally walked the long way to his new life. Richard – now Fox – was adopted by Dimiter Surlev and his two daughters. This amazing dog captured their hearts the first time they came to the shelter so they asked to adopt him. They didn’t gave up of him when we told them that he is a little timid and he will need more time, love  and care to let them through his heart. On the contrary – they showed us and proved to Richard that they are ready to give him all the time he needs and that they will deserve his love. Dimiter and his daughters spend a few weekends in Bogrov working a few hours a day with him. And just like that with patience and infinite love the won a place in Richard’s suffered heart.

We can’t describe you how happy we are that Richard will never ever be alone and sad but always and forever very loved and cared! We are sure that in his new home and with his new family he will finally show his real self and will be the most wonderful pet ever!

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