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Welcome to Seslavci

The municipal dog pound of Seslavci (a village near Sofia) is functioning as a castration centre for the city of Sofia. The pound collects street dogs. While some of them are castrated and released, others must stay there forever. Puppies and dogs taken in by citizen complaints are the ones whose life’s journey stops at the centre.

The conditions are difficult to comprehend for a 21-st century EU citizen. Volunteers go to Seslavci 2 times a week. In 4 years time Animal Rescue Sofia and other devoted volunteers have provided foster homes and loving permanent homes to hundreds of dogs from Seslavci. It is hard work and the agony can sometimes be overwhelming. But the most painful thing about Seslavci are the kind, loving eyes of the dogs that parish there. With a small effort you could become part of the lifesaving change for many of the dogs there.

There is now also volunteering in Seslavci – a group of people who go there regularly can be contacted on Facebook – Many unwanted in Seslavci. Click here for the address and numbers for the municipal company that runs it.

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