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There are moments when you have to make a choice.

When you have to bear the responsibility of your choice and when you pray that you have made the right decision. Moments when the dilemma comes back to you at night.

A while ago we told you about the three girls – Pepa, Sasha and Misha who were seized from an illegal farm for Chihuahuas after the death of the owner. Pepa and Misha were both diagnosed with ehrlichiosis.

The only healthy dog – Sasha – was spayed, vaccinated and prepared for adoption.

Pepa and Misha, however, turned out to be pregnant.

We knew that with their blood test results, if we didn’t start the treatment immediately, giving birth would have killed them.

We knew that, if we spayed them, the ehrlichiosis would have caused immense bleeding and slow blood coagulation and the risk to their lives would have been too serious.

We knew that, if started the treatment that would have saved the mothers’ lives, the lives of the still unborn puppies would have been at risk.

We made the choice to save the mothers.

We still stand very strongly behind our choice. What is more, our concern about the puppies proved to be unnecessary. Several days ago Pepa gave birth to 3 healthy “little mice” and two days after, Misha’s 2 newborns followed.

For now, both the mothers and the puppies are feeling well.

This turn of events postponed the moment when the two mothers could go to their new homes, but we stand strongly behind the choice we made – not to risk the mothers’ lives with ending the pregnancy.

Especially now, when these five funny guys exist.

Keep your fingers crossed for all of them to stay as healthy as they are today and to have the chance to grow up!

P.S. The puppies are only a few days old and they will depend on their mamma for a very long time. We are not looking for adopters for them at the moment!

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

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