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My name is Sadly. I was born 2008, neutered and vaccinated. I don’t have a sad story to tell you. I’m just another one of Bogrov’s dogs. If I have to be honest, I should tell you that at first I wasn’t very sure about people and that entire thing with the walks…I was kind of shy. But now, you can ask everybody, I have changed. Now I’m always waiting for the weekend walks, dreaming for a family like every other dog in here. But alas, I don’t have a pretty look or sweet face to win people’s hearts.

All I have are my big and sad eyes. Those are eyes that have seen a lot, but behind the bars – I have seen days that have gone slowly one after another, volunteers coming and going, rain, snow, sun… But those are eyes that can see behind the dark and gloomy life in the shelter, eyes that see what a beautiful and interesting world there is, that see a different future – full with laughter and games, treats and caresses, with love… Only if you could look behind my plain appearance deep into my eyes…Oh, how much love you will find! And devotion, a promise for a lifetime of true friendship, and one big heart – that will be forever yours! Only if you could give me a chance to show you my true self. Do you think you can!?

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