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Rocco is a dog that spent two long… months at the Bogrov shelter! To be honest – we thought he would be one of those dogs we have for years – since he had no special story or looks to get him through in the crowd of 500 lonely hearts.

You’ve probably never heard of him, he was never published on our website – like many other wonderful dogs we have. Rocco is a great pet that was well looked after for years until his caring owner passed away. So, in memory and respect of their relative, the living family members dumped Rocco on the street. He is a mutt, after all, that is where he belongs…

We don’t want to think what could have happened with Rocco if it was not a pure coincidence. We miraculously had space at the shelter (we always try to find space for dumped  pets) and thus – Rocco was admitted to the Bogrov shelter.


Instead of spending years imprisoned and behind bars, Rocco proved to be smarter than we thought. He somehow managed to work his magic and find his person – Tzonko Vassilev who came to the shelter with a clear heart and no prejudice – in search of a real friend.

So, it was the Christmas day when Tzonko came for a last, third visit for Rocco, he signed his adoption contract and took him home to Katina village where they will live happily ever after!!!

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