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The names of these fantastic boys comes from the miraculous world of Narnia. But there is nothing miraculous in their story – they’re part of Sofia’s scenery. Another pair of good, calm and loving dogs, surviving day by day on our streets.  In hope that there would be a tomorrow for them, and why not this tomorrow to be in the form of the caring human arms who pet you while on the soft couch, calling you “good boy”.

Rizhko is a 3-4 year old neutered dog. He used to be domestic but due to the crisis has been let free to search for his luck with a note saying “I can’t take care of his anymore”. Now, alone and taught to love and trust people he is so charming, and he longs with all his heart for some attention – runs in front of people he knows so he can get just one more embrace, lies on his back and your heart just doesn’t let you pass him by. Calm, gentle, loving, he gets along well with everyone – people, dogs, and cats.


Sivi is also 3-4 year old neutered boy, with a soft personality and nothing distinctive on the outside, but his heart – it’s huge! Smart, outgoing, understanding and always seeking attention, this greyish pup would enchant you with his charm and kindness!


Unfortunately, both of them are living on the street the moment you’re reading this article. Trying to survive in this gray and cold city. Maybe you recognized your friend in their eyes? Maybe you’re the people who would turn their world around and finish writing their story with “Lived happily ever after… in their own home”!?

If this is the case, don’t waste time – contact us immediately and create your own fairy tale! They would be infinitely thankful and would pay you back with their love in the next 10 years by making you unearthly happy always next to you!

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