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We have received a word from Sherry – a lovely Kremikovtzi dog that was adopted over a little more than a month by the kind Iskra Assenova and her gentle pug.

Sherry is being so good and obedient!

Today Sherry has put on some weight and is gradually getting accustomed to the fact that love and comfort will be a permanent part of her life. Happy as no other dog, Sherry is simply melting with joy – loving the care, food and comfort she received so unexpectedly by the kindness of Iskra.

Sherry is friends with everyone – homeless or owned…

Meanwhile, unlike her – Sherry’s brothers and sisters at Kremikovtzi are still counting on the little we are able to bring them. The Kremikovtzi orphans, most of which are neutered by us already have no other choice then to wonder around hungry and unwanted and look for food which is scarce in many kilometers radius.

We have reserved one of the Bogrov cages only for Kremikovtzi dogs and hope in time to be able to rehome at least a part of the Kremikovtzi dogs. Look HERE for the current factory group – although the pictures don’t show it, most of these dogs are really Small – just like Sherry – under 10 kilograms. These friendly and kind animals will be the happiest dogs in the world if someone would chose them for their best friends…

Feeding the dogs at Kremikovtzi, March 2012

To give them a much needed meal – DONATE HERE

The dogs of Kremikovtzi may not look special, but have kind and loving soulssome of them prefer to come to you for a hug before eating, no matter that they are straving

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